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What is Ammolite?

Ammolite is the gemstone derived from colourful Canadian ammonites. Ammolite is the latest of three new gemstones to enter the marketplace in the last 50 years; the others are tanzanite and sugilite. It was granted official gem status by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIB-JO) in 1981. Along with pearls and amber, it is one of only three organic gemstones on earth.

Colour of Ammolite

The colour present in Ammolite is caused by light interference during refraction into the many layers of the gemstone. Each colour in Ammolite represents a different layer of the gem material. So, depending on the number of fine layers in the rough, everything from one colour to the full visible spectrum can be displayed. Since the play of light varies, every Ammolite gem shows a unique array of colour.

How hard is Ammolite?

The natural hardness of Ammolite is 3.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs scale. However, our sister company, Korite International, caps the Ammolite gem layers with a protective spinel crystal, increasing the hardness to an exceptionally durable 8.0. These assembled gemstones are known as triplets and, when set in gold jewellery by Korite International, are covered by Korite International's conditional lifetime guarantee.

Common types of Ammolite Gems produced by Korite International

Ammolite Gem Stone Types

Sources and Origin of Ammolite

Ammolite is formed from an ancient marine fossil called an ammonite. Although sources of ammonites exist in other locations around the globe, it is only in one isolated region of Southern Alberta, Canada, that this deposit produces the gemstone Ammolite. Seventy-one million years of tectonic pressure, heat and mineralization have resulted in the formation of this geological wonder.


The supply of Ammolite is extremely limited and with only one area for mining, Ammolite truly is one of nature's rarest gems. Korite's eco-friendly Ammolite mine produces over 90% of the world's supply of this incredibly rare gem. At current production levels, supplies of high grade ammolite are expected to be completely exhausted in approximately 20 years If you are interested in purchasing ammolite jewellery or gemstones, please visit our sister company, Korite International.

Ammolite Rough