Mammoth ivory has been found in Europe, North America and Asia since the end of the last ice age. The wooly mammoth roamed across the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska during the ice age when parts of Alaska and the Yukon in Canada were free of ice. Canada Fossils acquires mammoth ivory and tusks from these areas.

Any tusks that can be restored are brought back to their original form. Other pieces are polished and sold to collectors and artists around the world. The majority of pieces of mammoth ivory are sold as they are and all of this material is great for display. Some pieces are good for scrimshaw, carving, knife and gun handles or even pool cues.

With international trade in elephant ivory closed down, trade in mammoth ivory has emerged as virtually the only alternative acceptable to the international market. All our mammoth ivory has been legally acquired and we adhere to all international laws in regards to the ivory trade.

We have many grades of mammoth ivory rough and polished pieces. From small chips all the way up to large tusks, Canada Fossils can supply whatever you are looking for. We have worked closely with many carvers, scrimshanders, knife, gun and pool cue makers from all over the world, so we know the type and quality of mammoth ivory needed for every job. Please contact us and we will find the perfect ivory for you.

Please contact us directly for our current inventory or use our feedback form.

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